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32 tips Facebook marketing to grow your online business 2018

Do you agree with me my friend that Facebook became the most popular and the biggest social platform in the whole world? So that, the opportunity to grow your business by using Facebook marketing is huge that you can reach to the very targeted audience and the most important thing is, to build a relationship with relevant and interested people and that is the key of success to your marketing business through Facebook marketing. in this article, you will discover 32 Facebook marketing tips to grow your marketing business and your local business if you had one.

32 Facebook marketing tips to grow your online business.

  1. When you start your business, let your friends know about it by creating posts about your business and publish them in your Facebook profile.
  2.  ask your friends to share your posts in their profiles to get more likes and shares from their friends and this is very important to get more views to your posts.
  3.  make your posts seen by the public not private to only friends to get more likes and shares to your posts. 
  4.  you must include information and related topics for your business in any post you publish even though not related to your business because your business must be in everything you do and take the biggest part in your life, that’s should be.
  5. include information about your business in your personal details such as business emails, link to your site, phone numbers…etc.
  6. you must allow follows to get more new contacts and focus on build trust in you and new people who follow you because your business needs these new people to grow.
  7. add call-to-action in every post you publish to make people take some actions like see more, sign up now, direct link to the sales page, direct link to your website.
  8.  join to the most popular groups in your business niche like fitness groups, when you accepted in these groups, publish your posts and your offers in these groups due to every member in these groups is interested in your business and the important thing is targeted.
  9. use stunning graphics related to your business like high- quality images, infographics and include text on them to attract group's member and your new followers to view your posts in addition to, you can design a business card and use it if you have a local business.
  10.  if you want to grow your audience, you can send a friend request to many members in groups and most of them will accept your request, in this case, you will have more targeted and interested contacts to your business.
  11. use free giveaways to make members in business's groups sign up and download your gift and encourage them to visit your Facebook fan page, in this case, you will build a huge mailing list to use in promoting your offers and your products or even get more visits to your website and increase your revenue in AdSense ads and more and more.
  12. the important thing in your business is, to be honest with your customers and new members who connect with you to purchase your products or join to your mailing list to keep them believe in you and trust in you and your services.
  13. start your own group and add your friends and your new friends and contacts from groups to offer your products in front of them.
  14. create Facebook live and introduce yourself and talk about your business details. This way considered the easiest and fastest way to get more followers.
  15. search for sponsor ads for company services or popular site's articles with more likes and comments related to your business and leave a comment with a few words' descriptions and your business link and you will see engagement with your comments.
  16. keep in your mind, the key to success in your Facebook marketing is writing a potential message about your business or your company in groups in front of the huge number of members. Be confident and believe in your ability and in yourself.
  17. link your Facebook fan page on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other your social media accounts if you have a lot of followers on them to improve your contacts' list.
  18. allow people to post their different posts in your Facebook fan page to get more opportunities to build a strong relationship with the other writers and get more engagement for your page.
  19. include effective features to your Facebook fan page like your location and your address in addition to the other social media accounts.
  20. ask group's members to share your posts with their 5 friends' profiles to get a valuable and expensive item for free by using PLR products with a free license to offer to group's members.
  21. write long content on your Facebook business page where you tell a story to connect with your readers.
  22. you can ask your audience some questions on your Facebook fan page to engage with them and to be more active with them.
  23. don't forget to publish more useful videos in your Facebook fan page and groups.
  24. don't use scam websites that provide non-real likes and shares like addmefast or other websites.
  25. search for influencers who had huge followers on Facebook related to your business niche and talk to them to add your posts and your business links on their profiles for a little budget. This can drive massive traffic to your business links.
  26. don't forget to create a specific logo for your company or online business to make everyone know you through your logo using free/paid to service providers.
  27. remember to be creative when you using Facebook marketing to your business in order to achieve big success in your business niche and make everyone hope to engage with them by building honesty and relationship based on respect and good manner.
  28. now, you ready to use Facebook ads to move your business to the next level of Facebook marketing and take the risk to lose some money in order to get more lead generation to your business. Are you agree with that?
  29. ask yourself before creating Facebook ads, what do you want from creating Facebook ads? There are too many reasons to create Facebook ads, like generating more sales, building your mailing list, generating more visits to your website, promoting physical products…...etc. what do you want?
  30. start your budget with $5 a day, when you get more sales or more revenues from your service, you can create your ads with a higher budget than when you start.
  31. always include call-to-action when you creating your ads.
  32. use stunning graphics when you creating your ad to attract everyone who sees your ads.

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How to use social media platforms to drive massive traffic to your lead magnet

How to use social media platforms to drive passive traffic to your lead magnet
There are many ways to start promoting your marketing business but, still getting more subscribers number one to get success very fast and get more sales or more visits to your website, in this case, creating lead magnet is very important to your business that increase your sales 200% more than other ways so, what is lead magnet definition?

Simply, lead magnet is a specific page offering in most cases free useful content that solves customer's problem or teach him specific skills to attract customer to sign up in your mailing list, after that when you offering an product you will send it to all your mailing list to achieve more sales or more traffic to your site or to your offering page. That's simple way to tell you lead magnet definition and this is sample of lead magnet offer.

How to use social media platforms to drive passive traffic to your lead magnet

How lead magnet work?

How to use social media platforms to drive passive traffic to your lead magnet

First of all you should think about your lead magnet stunning design that attract people to sign up and to make people think that you are a professional in what you do but, to create amazing lead magnet you must purchase this service for less budget from service poviders like:

second, after creating your lead magnet, promote it with social media platforms and this is the topic of the article and other ways to get more subscribers to your mailing list also you can use SEO to improve your page rank.

Google Ads Tutorial For Beginners Step-By-Step

Third, your subscribers will add to your mailing list and now, you ready to achieve successful progress in your marketing business.

Here are some excellent ideas for your lead magnet.

  • Checklist
  • Short e-book
  • Free course videos
  • Informative report
  • Email course
  • Discount coupon
  • Free trial for expensive service
  • Web app/plugins
  • Audio file 
  • Quick start guide
  • Webinar
  • Infographics
  • Exclusive interview
  • Review of book or product
  • Free software

Subscription automation process in mail-chimp as an example to understand.

How to use social media platforms to drive passive traffic to your lead magnet

video source(NYCtechclub.com)
Social media platforms to promote your lead magnet.

1- Facebook.

  • Create a Facebook fan page for your business and post links to your blog articles and lead magnet page regularly and very important to include stunning graphics for your posts.

  • Use the "add a button" feature on your Facebook page to direct people to your lead magnet page. Add a link to your lead magnet in the "about" box on your Facebook business page.

  • In Facebook, join to targeted groups and post links to your blog articles in these groups, you do this in your introduction when you join accepted in these groups. You can also do this when answering group members questions with links to your relevant content but, you must read group's rules first to know what can you do in these groups.

  • Start your own Facebook group that you can put your content in front of your audience.

  • Use Facebook ads to create more lead generation to your lead magnet page when you have money for that and these ads not cost you more than $5 a day.

  • Write long content on your Facebook business page where you tell a story to connect with your readers. At the end of it, ask your readers a question to engage with them and don't forget to publish more useful videos into your Facebook group.

  • Write a post in these groups asking the members if they want your offer or your free service they send to you for that, in this case, you will collect more emails and more visits to your lead magnet page and the post you will publish like this:

How to use social media platforms to drive passive traffic to your lead magnet

It's very effective way to get more targeted and interested emails and subscribers.

2- Instagram

  • On your Instagram bio, there is a place to include a link URL to use this to place a link to one of your lead magnet pages.

  • Design Instagram photos that convert using free tools like canva and picmonket and use larger text over your photos to drive people to your site.

  • Do an Instagram takeover. This is collaborative effort where your "takeover" another person Instagram account for a pre-set period of time and you can gain new audience.

  • Include lots of #hashtags in your posts. People will find your content by searching Instagram for relevant content. For example, if you are fitness coach, your audience may search Instagram for hashtags like #getfit, #fitness tips, #eat right and some thing like that. Be smart to choose most popular hashtags in your business.

  • Get in touch with more people working in the same niche to get more information from them and find people who care about what you publish in your account and that's very important in marketing business to build more relationships with more people to get success in your business.

3- Twitter

  • Share links to your blog articles and your lead magnet page on twitter where a place to include a link URL, use this to feature a link to your lead magnet page.

  • Tweet your blog posts and lead magnet pages multiple times using slightly different text. Use tools like coschedule.com, Edgar or buffer to automate it and include older blog posts in the mix (mix old blog posts together to make one post).

  • Use the graphics feature in twitter to highlight and tweet stunning images and graphics from your blog posts.

  • Join to the most popular accounts and people related to your business and engage with them.

  • Include #hashtags in your tweets, people will find your contents by searching twitter for relevant content by using hashtagify to find most popular hashtags in your business and after that, use these hashtags in your tweets to get more visits and views to your tweets.

  • Ask for retweets sometimes, and be sure to thank people for sharing your content or you can use justretweet.com to get retweets for your tweets automatically by earning credits and convert your credits into retweets and followers.

  • Tag retweet groups. For example, there is a business marketing retweet group that you find groups by using "retweet group+ your business keyword".

  • Join to twitter chats or start your own because it's a great place to build an audience. People who would learn more about you will follow the link from your profile.

4- Pinterest

  • First, sign up for business account to your site and choose titles with more monthly searches on google for your boards that every board contains more than 10 pictures, that pictures contain your articles and lead magnet page links.

  • Go to open site explorer and click on top pages related to your Pinterest site and choose high authority accounts and write comments on their special pins, this will lead you to increase your account authority within 30 days and your boards will be strong and ranking in search engine and get targeted views to your lead magnet pages.

  • In your Pinterest profile, add your website URL and a link to your lead magnet page in "about you" section.

  • Add pin-it social media button to all of your blog graphics and in your blog sidebar.

  • Add keywords to your Pinterest board description that helps your board get found and rank well in Pinterest searches and in search engine results.

  • Add text to your graphics that including call-to-action and your link like "download now"

5- LinkedIn

  • In LinkedIn, include a link to your website in your profile and use the status update feature to regularly post links to your blog posts and your lead magnet pages.

  • In LinkedIn, create a company page and use this to regularly post links to your blog posts and lead magnet pages.

  • In LinkedIn regularly use the LinkedIn publisher tool to write blog posts on republish blog posts you have already written include a link to your lead magnet page that they can download from your website.

  • In LinkedIn, list one of your most compelling lead magnet in your summary section.

Other social platforms

  • Go to Quora and search for issues that your audience are asking to have solved. Provide the answer along with a link to a blog post you have written that gives readers more in-depth information and make sure the blog post has a content upgrade with a sign-up box that you can capture their names and emails.

  • Post in Reddit groups that are related to your topic with link back to your blog articles and your lead magnet page.

  • Start a google+ page for your business and post a link to your blog articles and your lead magnet page.

  • Join to communities and collections in google+ and post a link to your blog posts and your lead magnet page there.

  • Create and share a Slide-share presentation by converting your webinars or your blog posts into an EPIC presentation.

  • Run a giveaway using "kingsumo" or other websites like this, email your lists and promote on social media like the previous ways.

  • Write a guest post on a relevant site to get link back to you and increase your audience.

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Fiverr cash monster course part three completely FREE

Grow your business with Fiverr

fiverr cash monster course free part 3

If you implement the two previous methods, you will be on your way to build a profitable online business. If you want your business to continue to grow, you have to continue to re-invest some of the profits back into the business.

Early on you may not have the budget to allocate a lot of money for this and that perfectly fine. you can definitely start with a very small budget. in fact you can do so at a price that can't be beat.......$5 per gig.

I'm going to show you how to use Fiverr to grow your own business. whether that's a Fiverr based business created using this information or a business you have started all on your own.

Here's what's you are going to learn:

  • Which types of gigs are best for growing your business.
  • How to find the best outsourcesrs for the gigs you need.
  • How you can even get free stuff from the people you hire.

1- Which types of gigs are best for growing your business.

Depending on the type of business you are running, the gigs that would be most beneficial to you could be slightly different than what I'm about to share. That being said, the following gig type are the most beneficial for approximately 95% of business owners I deal with on a regular basis.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it's one that will have the most impact on the growth of your business.

Gig types I recommended using:

  • Content creation: This gig type speaks itself. there's not a single business operating that doesn't need content at some point, whether it's articles, blog posts, reviews, sales copy, or even press releases.

  •  Traffic generation: Yet another popular gig type. use these gigs to drive more traffic to your blog, website, social media accounts, YouTube videos, sales page, .......etc.

  • Search engine optimization(SEO): This gig type is also all about getting free organic traffic. SEO gigs optimize your content so that it will rank higher in the major search engine.

  • Logo creation: this gig type is useful in establishing your brand and helping you stand out from your competition. you can essentially hire someone to create your company logo for $5 and the quality you get is top notch.

  • Graphic design: In addition to logo creation, you will also find graphics related gigs that will help you stand out from your competitors. I often use Fiverr to get amazing covers created for e-books and kindle.

  • Video creation: This gig type is especially useful these days as people prefer watching videos to reading articles and videos often increase conversions too. whether it's a simple voice over, a short presentation or a review, you can hire someone to create a video for you then, you can upload the video on YouTube and sharing on social media.

  • Infographics: One of the most shared forms of media online, so it's advantageous to use them for your business. as long as you can find quality information for the infographic and you can hire a competent infographic designer who will create a killer infographic for you.

  • Resources: Besides selling resources yourself, you can also find some quality resource products on Fiverr that are beneficial to your business. these can be graphic packs, PLR reports, audio loops, templates and more.


This is not an exhausted list. I strongly encourage you to browse Fiverr and decide for yourself which gigs are best suited for your business. if you come across gigs that could potentially be beneficial, don't hesitate to try them out.


2- How to find the best outsourcers for the gigs you need.

Finding the best outsourcers to hire is very similar to the process you used to locate outsourcers for your Fiverr arbitrage clients in part 1.

You will still always want to start with the search function on Fiverr's homepage. once you have performed your search, you will want to review the potential outsourcers by asking yourself these questions: 

  • How many reviews do they have?
  • What are their positive rating score?
  • How are their sales copy for their gigs?
  • What are their typical turnaround time?

Keep the following in your mind:

Don't settle for the first person you come across. unlike with Fiverr arbitrage, you have no actual deadline to meet. therefore, you have no need to rush.

Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. some Fiverr gigs can be a bit misleading. there are not all $5 some cost more depending on what you are needing specifically. read information carefully before purchasing the gig.

Contact the outsourcer before you buy. there is a contact button on each provider's page. make good use of it. before you purchase, always reach out to the outsourcer via the contact button.

This is your business!

  • Don't rush in to any decisions and take your time when deciding on a gig and choose wisely, so you don't waste time and money.

  • You now have all the information you need to grow your online business and take it to the next level without breaking the bank.

I purchased this course to offer it for free in my website but if you want to purchase this course in a video you can visit the original site for honesty fiverr cash monster and copyrights for fiverr cash monster .


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Fiverr cash monster part two completely Free


fiverr cash monster course free

Unless you are buying services on Fiverr using the Fiverr arbitrage method, you shouldn't be doing anything service related, In other words don't offer your own services on Fiverr. Once you spend an hour on a project that only pays you $5, you will soon realize just how unprofitable it is to offer your services.

You are smarter than that!!!!

You know that the key to making money with gigs on Fiverr is by offering your very own niches products so, which would you rather do? waste an hour of your time for $5 OR spend a couple of days creating a product that you can sell for $5 indefinitely with minimum effort.

You are going learn in this part:

  • The best types of products to promote.
  • How to use one PLR product to create multiple $5 products.
  • How to easily create your own unique products from scratch.
  • How to write magnetic sales copy to promote your product on your gigs page.

Step 1: The best types of products to promote.

The first key to successfully selling niche products on Fiverr is to know which types of products sell the best. There are two types of products that have the best selling:

  1. Information products: information products will always be big sellers in just about any niche imaginable solving big problems that face the clients, for example, a guidelines of how to lose weight or how to build website from scratch or how to make money online.
  2. Resource products: Are also extremely popular in a vast majority of niches for example, collection of tattoo designs or collection of rare images, ........etc.

The easiest way to generate product ideas.

Most of successful niche product ideas have come from researching the products that are already offered on Fiverr and then finding ways to make them better. For example, if you found a resource offered a collection of 2000 tattoos designs for $5 then, you will create a resource product that offers 2500 tattoos designs for $5 but, what if you have zero experience designing tattoos? How can you create a product quickly? 

Step 2: Use PLR products

With PLR you get an instant product with a small investment and virtually no effort. And PLR becomes even more powerful when you use it in the way I'm about to show you.

One of the keys to selling niche products on Fiverr is that the product must be highly-targeted, which means it must appeal toa very narrow audience. If you make the product too broad targeting large of audience, two things will happen:

  • Your product will blend in with the rest of the products being offered, in the other word, your product will not be unique.

  • Your products perceived value will be lower.

And believe it or not, those two factors actually make purchasing high-quality PLR infinitely more attractive in regards to Fiverr marketing.

You see, with most PLR you are getting a package that will cover a wide range of different sub-topics under one large umbrella topic. for example, a quality PLR e-book on general fitness will most likely contain sections on nutrition, workout routines, and motivation.

You could divide that e-book up and create three separate products that are more narrowly targeted than the original product as a whole. you could create one product about nutrition, another product about workout routines, and yet another product about motivation then, simply change the context of each report so that it speaks to a deep-rooted need of your target audience and you have a highly-targeted $5 niche product on weight loss that will get noticed and sell like hot cakes on Fiverr.

Step 3: How to easily create your own unique products from scratch

If you are in a tight budget or you just want to create something from scratch, you can create your own unique products to promote on Fiverr.

Creating your own products does have it's share of benefits:

  • Your product is guaranteed to be unique
  • You have the freedom to make it as short or long as you'd like
  • You can insert your own voice without having to rewrite anything
  • You don't have to worry about what rights come with the product, its 100% your own

Here are guidelines for creating your own product:

  1. Make sure the product solves a big problem
  2. Make sure the topic is highly-targeted
  3. Make sure it adds value to your audience
  4. Make sure it's filled with plenty of actionable content
Remember, this product doesn't have to be a 100 page e-book, no need to make it super complicated or overly long. I've had the most success offering products that are anywhere from 10 to 25 pages in length.

The shorter it is, the bigger the impact it needs to have on your readers, if you do that, you will get better results and make more sales. Keep in mind creating a killer product the first step, after that, you need to make sure it gets seen by as many potential customers as possible and then convince them to purchase your product.

You accomplish this by setting up your gig page correctly

The first thing you need to know about your gigs page is that it's nothing more than a shorter form of a sales page.

fiverr cash monster course free
  Headline: This is used to grab the reader's attention and compel them to continue reading.

Make it clear: Let the client know what is exactly your content without complicated.
Make it unique: create unique headline that the clients haven't seen like it before.
Make it compelling and include the biggest benefits to make the client keeps  reading.

List of benefits: List how your product will benefit your reader the most.

fiverr cash monster course free
Include emotional benefits using strong emotion benefits to make the readers interested in keeping reading.

Include logical benefits to help readers justify why he will buy your product.

Keep them short and sweet by using short and sweet sentences.

What's included: List a few the main features included in your product.

fiverr cash monster course free

Don't overwhelm the reader with features just 5 or 6 features and keep them short and sweet like benefits and make sure to include the main features of your product.

Call-to-action: Tell the readers what you want them to do, which in this case is to purchase your product.

fiverr cash monster course free

Use a strong command to start your call-to-action like "purchase now" or "order now" and make sure to be direct and tell the readers the exactly action you want them to do to make more and more sales.

Step 4: get traffic to your gigs page.

There are quite a few ways you can approach the strategy of driving more traffic to your Fiverr product page and most of them can be effective but, you must work hard on promoting your gig to get more sales. 

  • Forum marketing: Chances are great that there are a lot of online communities about your niche that are filled up with passionate members, simply find these forums and advertise your gig there. make sure to read the forum's rules as very important to you and this method will not cost you anything.

  • Get featured on Fiverr review blog: There are several Fiverr review blogs operating online. locate these blogs by searching google and contact the owners about featuring your gig on their blogs and this method can cost you a small price.

  • Share your gigs on social media: This works especially well if you have a significant following on your social accounts. try to post your gig in specific groups and pages which interested in your niche. 

  • Google ads: try to create a campaign in google ads with a small budget using your relevant keywords to reach more clients to get more and more sales.

  • YouTube: There are two methods to use YouTube in promoting your gig first, you can create YouTube channel to create marketing videos about your product using On-page SEO and Off-page SEO to publish it correctly. Second, in the top comments section, leave a comment with informative description and your gig link on the popular videos related to your niche.

I purchased this course to offer it for free in my website but if you want to purchase this course in a video you can visit the original site for honesty fiverr cash monster and copyrights for fiverr cash monster .