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how to build your marketing funnel from scratch {updated}

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How To Build your successful marketing Sales Funnel To Grow Your Business 

How To Build your successful marketing Sales Funnel


Sales funnel content marketing may be around for as long as any of us have been in business. With the proper sales funnel strategy, you are able to turn your online business into a profit-making machine. You can make effective products, have successful launch after launch, and much more.

This is exactly what a sales funnel does. It captures a lead and after that right away shows the 1st product towards the highest amount of people.

Creating a great sales funnel isn’t easy. It requires time, energy, and lots of patience. To get a working sales funnel doesn’t need to be a lot of product improvement. It's actually much more about how you will structure a series of problem-solving offers.

Carefully following and making an investment in each step of product sales funnel approach enables you to examine the huge amount of prospects on the internet and transition them from visitors into clients  Your task would be to identify the difference between followers and possible buyers. This will help to keep your sales funnel full and allow you to generate much more sales opportunities.

What are the sales funnel?

The definition of the sales funnel (also called a revenue funnel or sales method) refers to the shopping for the process that corporations lead customers through once buying product. A sales funnel is split into many steps that take issue counting on the actual sales model. One common sales method is split into six phases including Awareness Phase – in which prospects become aware of the existence of a solution.

How To Build your successful marketing Sales Funnel

  • Awareness level: you need to make people aware of your product or your service using plenty of tools to help you to know what they want.

  • Interest part: during which prospects demonstrate the interest in an exceeding product by conducting market research.

  • Evaluation part: during which prospects or prospect corporations examine competitors’ solutions as they in. toward a final shopping for a call.

  • Decision part: during which a judicial decision is reached and the negotiation begins.

  • Purchase part: during which product or services area unit purchased.

  • Repurchase part: during which a client repurchases a product or service.

Why is it necessary to create a sales funnel within the initial place?

Surely if you wish to sell expensive merchandise, you only sell them, right? Wrong
Unfortunately, there's an incredible lack of trust....  . it's not surprising because some online traders are less than honest and it's easy to deceive
A sales funnel enables you to do that
  • you can establish that
  • you're a real business
  •  you provide quality goods or services
  •  you deliver on time
  •  the customer will see that he pays money for a valuable thing

When people know and trust you, it's easier to make sales because they will know you are not crook and they will know you understand what you are talking about.
You start by giving away something for free then; you will sell them something inexpensive then more expensive than even more expensive soon...
Once someone has bought a cheap item from you and is happy with it then, they are more likely to purchase a more expensive item from you.

How to add more customers to your list?

How To Build your successful marketing Sales Funnel

Freebie level

usually, give away a free report or an e-book to make people sign up for your mailing list and this report should contain useful information to make customers use right away and must be a high-quality report.
Include in your report or your e-book a clickable link to your website because it's very useful to get leads to your website by sharing your link.

Lower-priced product

Can be an e-book but, in this case, your e-book should contain a lot of information and recommended to be more than 25 pages.
Keep the price fairly low, but not so cheap because people can think that your product is useless and bad due to the very cheap price, go it?
Offer your product at $8.95 or something similar.
Offer a money-back guarantee to build trust and make the customers think it's no risk to purchase your product.

Mid-range price product

Something that's slightly more expensive and can be an up-sell to your low-priced products because once the customer has bought something from you and this customer in a good mood to buy something else, he will make an additional purchase from you again.
Your products can be videos or software like PowerPoint or any low priced software.

High-priced product

When you reached this level, I can say right now you really started to make money.
High-priced products can be courses and training products because these products are very popular at this stage and should be well researched and presented and valuable to the customers when he pays for your products.
You can offer free bounces to add value to your products.

Higher-priced product

It's hard to find people who intend to purchase these products from you but, you will be able to change considerably more..............how?
Make a virtue of this by limiting an availability to create scarcity and add more value.
Telephone coaching is popular at this level and can be group conference call or even individual coaching.
Record conference calls and offers the recordings as a "down-sell"

Expensive product

Now, you reached the end of your funnel and you will perhaps only sell 1 or 2 of these...
but, you can charge a premium price because this will likely be time intensive, you won't be able to offer this to many customers ant more like mentoring and one-on-one coaching.

The key to a successful sales funnel.

The first key to a successful sales funnel is your mailing list because if you think about this you will know that without building a mailing list, nothing else happens!
The question now is, why is your mailing list so important?
It enables you to keep contact your active customers because without customers there are no sales make sense.
You will need more than one mailing list. Once someone makes a purchase, move him from the "prospects" list to the "customer" list.
Some marketers go even further and have a separate list for each stage in their sales funnel.
How To Build An Online Sales Funnel
The second key is autoresponder because through it you can:
Send automated e-mails to your list in this case, you don't have to email each customer or prospect individually, the software takes care of it for you.
You can set it up to send e-mails on certain dates or so many days after the last e-mail.
You can also send one-off e-mails to your list.
Aweber and get response and mail-chimp are the best autoresponder companies you will use ever with amazing features and good prices.

Double or single opt-in

Single opt-in.

  • Prospect gets added to list without verification.
  • get more names on your list but, not all of them will be genuine
  • You will get spam useless leads

Double opt-in

  • Prospect gets sent an e-mail with a confirmation link to click
  • No confirmation, no further e-mails
  •  No spam complaints, either

Squeeze page basics

Is a page that you sent people to for signing up for your mailing list and they will get their free gift or free service then you will receive their e-mails added to your autoresponder and added to your list.
It must be compelling and non-distracting and people who visit your squeeze page have 2 options: some people might sign up depending on the quality of your squeeze page and the quality of your content you offer.
And some people will leave your squeeze page without any action if they don't like what you offer.
And this is a simple design of how to create your squeeze page like the following:
How To Build An Online Sales Funnel

You must create a stunning design for your squeeze page to attract the customers but, if you can not create designs for your squeeze page you can hire someone from any freelancer website for $5 to do that instead of you.

You can create stunning designs for your squeeze page with clicking one button using these 6 websites but, let me say that these services are not for free because, to be honest with you, there is nothing free in building a successful business, if you want to get the money you first lose some money.


Generating traffic is the start to your sales funnel because without traffic nothing will happen and I will focus on solo Ads in getting traffic because this method is the most efficient way to get traffic to your squeeze page.

You pay for a list owner to send an e-mail to their list advertising your squeeze page then, people go to your squeeze page and sign up. This works because it's super targeted and people on the list are going to be in your niche and interested in your giveaway.

Places to find list owners who sell solo Ads.

Warrior-forum is a great community to find solo ads vendors just go to warrior forum and you can connect with other marketers and you will find different niches to choose what is the best for you.
2- Solo Ads testimonials Facebook group you can see people give feedback on solo Ads vendors and choose the best one who will advertise on his list.
3- soloAdsx is a great place to find best solo Ads vendors you can invest $1 to return $44 in sales.
How To Build An Online Sales Funnel

The process to create solo Ads with vendors.

1- Discuss with the list owner what your requirements, objectives and end goals are.
2- Let the list owner know how many clicks you would like for your solo Ad and arrange with him for payment to be made.
3- Upon receipt of payment, send your tracking link, the final link you would like to send traffic to and that set.
this is an amazing method to get clicks and subscribers to add in your mailing list and let me say that to you, no success without invest some money on your business because any business needs to invest and needs some risk to create evergreen business and get thousands of dollars from your business.
You can follow lots of people in your niche to get the chance to build relationships and communications with other buyers and customers. Work hard for that.