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32 tips Facebook marketing to grow your online business 2018

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Do you agree with me my friend that Facebook became the most popular and the biggest social platform in the whole world? So that, the opportunity to grow your business by using Facebook marketing is huge that you can reach to the very targeted audience and the most important thing is, to build a relationship with relevant and interested people and that is the key of success to your marketing business through Facebook marketing. in this article, you will discover 32 Facebook marketing tips to grow your marketing business and your local business if you had one.

32 Facebook marketing tips to grow your online business.

  1. When you start your business, let your friends know about it by creating posts about your business and publish them in your Facebook profile.
  2.  ask your friends to share your posts in their profiles to get more likes and shares from their friends and this is very important to get more views to your posts.
  3.  make your posts seen by the public not private to only friends to get more likes and shares to your posts. 
  4.  you must include information and related topics for your business in any post you publish even though not related to your business because your business must be in everything you do and take the biggest part in your life, that’s should be.
  5. include information about your business in your personal details such as business emails, link to your site, phone numbers…etc.
  6. you must allow follows to get more new contacts and focus on build trust in you and new people who follow you because your business needs these new people to grow.
  7. add call-to-action in every post you publish to make people take some actions like see more, sign up now, direct link to the sales page, direct link to your website.
  8.  join to the most popular groups in your business niche like fitness groups, when you accepted in these groups, publish your posts and your offers in these groups due to every member in these groups is interested in your business and the important thing is targeted.
  9. use stunning graphics related to your business like high- quality images, infographics and include text on them to attract group's member and your new followers to view your posts in addition to, you can design a business card and use it if you have a local business.
  10.  if you want to grow your audience, you can send a friend request to many members in groups and most of them will accept your request, in this case, you will have more targeted and interested contacts to your business.
  11. use free giveaways to make members in business's groups sign up and download your gift and encourage them to visit your Facebook fan page, in this case, you will build a huge mailing list to use in promoting your offers and your products or even get more visits to your website and increase your revenue in AdSense ads and more and more.
  12. the important thing in your business is, to be honest with your customers and new members who connect with you to purchase your products or join to your mailing list to keep them believe in you and trust in you and your services.
  13. start your own group and add your friends and your new friends and contacts from groups to offer your products in front of them.
  14. create Facebook live and introduce yourself and talk about your business details. This way considered the easiest and fastest way to get more followers.
  15. search for sponsor ads for company services or popular site's articles with more likes and comments related to your business and leave a comment with a few words' descriptions and your business link and you will see engagement with your comments.
  16. keep in your mind, the key to success in your Facebook marketing is writing a potential message about your business or your company in groups in front of the huge number of members. Be confident and believe in your ability and in yourself.
  17. link your Facebook fan page on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other your social media accounts if you have a lot of followers on them to improve your contacts' list.
  18. allow people to post their different posts in your Facebook fan page to get more opportunities to build a strong relationship with the other writers and get more engagement for your page.
  19. include effective features to your Facebook fan page like your location and your address in addition to the other social media accounts.
  20. ask group's members to share your posts with their 5 friends' profiles to get a valuable and expensive item for free by using PLR products with a free license to offer to group's members.
  21. write long content on your Facebook business page where you tell a story to connect with your readers.
  22. you can ask your audience some questions on your Facebook fan page to engage with them and to be more active with them.
  23. don't forget to publish more useful videos in your Facebook fan page and groups.
  24. don't use scam websites that provide non-real likes and shares like addmefast or other websites.
  25. search for influencers who had huge followers on Facebook related to your business niche and talk to them to add your posts and your business links on their profiles for a little budget. This can drive massive traffic to your business links.
  26. don't forget to create a specific logo for your company or online business to make everyone know you through your logo using free/paid to service providers.
  27. remember to be creative when you using Facebook marketing to your business in order to achieve big success in your business niche and make everyone hope to engage with them by building honesty and relationship based on respect and good manner.
  28. now, you ready to use Facebook ads to move your business to the next level of Facebook marketing and take the risk to lose some money in order to get more lead generation to your business. Are you agree with that?
  29. ask yourself before creating Facebook ads, what do you want from creating Facebook ads? There are too many reasons to create Facebook ads, like generating more sales, building your mailing list, generating more visits to your website, promoting physical products…...etc. what do you want?
  30. start your budget with $5 a day, when you get more sales or more revenues from your service, you can create your ads with a higher budget than when you start.
  31. always include call-to-action when you creating your ads.
  32. use stunning graphics when you creating your ad to attract everyone who sees your ads.